Missing his ex-girlfriend, Justin is about to get entangled in some pretty gnarly time travelling nonsense…

So what kind of game is it?
It’s a modern take on point-and-click adventure games, oozing with love for the storytelling and humor of the classic Lucasfilm games while still trying to keep things fresh. We love these games and this is the first of (hopefully) many games we will do in this style.

So what’s the story?
The story involves time travelling, switching between characters (we know, we know – but keep reading), reuniting two estranged lovers and bringing people like a cave man (now gone modern day hipster) back to their respective times. All while avoiding being captured by the mechanical detectives sniffing around for unauthorized time travelling…

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Our beloved heroes

Help Kloot the caveman transition into modern times

Cool, so how far have you gotten?

  • The story is written
  • the graphical style is set
  • The main characters are fleshed out in terms of back stories and look
  • The game engine is settled on
  • We have programmed a prototype/PoC illustrating the majority of the features of the game

Wow, impressive progress! What’s left to do?

  • Tons of graphics
  • Tons of dialog
  • Tons of play testing and story tweaking
  • Tons of attention to detail

But you’re just a small (though crazy promising) studio – how will you fund this thing?
Thanks! Right now we’re considering outside investment and/or Kickstarter.

When can I play it, and on what platforms?
Easy tiger, we’re still looking to fund this project! But our primary target platform is Steam (and possibly Android and iOS).

OK, so is it a 2D or 3D game?
As we’re not trying to bore anyone to death with awkward game mechanics and soulless looking 3D models, it’s all hand drawn 2D.

I like it – how can I help?
You can tell a friend! And help spread the word on social media, forums and the like. We’re really trying to make something special here and quite frankly we can’t get the word out alone.