How to support

Since Warm Kitten is a tiny operation (and also trying to avoid unnecessary stress), there is no Patreon or anything like that – I hope that makes sense 🙂

But if you wanna help out – why not start by participating in some guerilla marketing:

💁 GOG: Vote for the game to be added to GOG
💁 Reddit: Upvote this Reddit post

And then – consider this:

💁 Steam: Buy the Justin Wack Deluxe Bundle and/or Leave a review
💁 DRM-free: Buy Justin Wack and/or Leave a review
💁 Send a link to a friend 🤗

Also, following and sharing on social media actually does help:

💁 Discord: Join the Discord
💁 Facebook: Share on Facebook
💁 Instagram: Like on Instagram
💁 TikTok: Like on TikTok
💁 Twitter: Retweet something fun

Thank you!
/Pontus 🌷