🧪 Beta-testing!

Thank you for participating in the beta testing on our Discord! The current preview build covers Act 1 of 3, so it’s roughly one third of the game. When the game is released, it will include all three acts – we just want to get your feedback as early as possible.

Act 1 is pretty polished except for:

  • Some hotspots (that aren’t important until later in the game) aren’t wired up yet
  • Almost all sound effects will be added later, in time for the final release
  • All voice acting will have to wait until we know exactly what lines you all need to fix them puzzles
  • A few inventory item graphics are still a bit placeholer-y

We’re looking for stuff like bugs and spelling errors and whatnot! We’d also love for you to submit a (short) feedback survey after you played around with the game a while!

Here are the links for reporting issues and whatnot – enjoy the game!

🐛 Submit a Bug

Something went wrong or didn’t work as expected? Report that bug!

✍ Spelling/Grammar Fix

Found a spelling or grammatical error? Let’s correct it!

🕹 Feedback Survey

Have you tried out the game for a while? Help make it better by taking the feedback survey!

🦜Connect on Discord

For anything else – welcome to our Discord!

Peace 🌷