Justin Wack Beta F.A.Q.

Q: How do I participate in the beta?

  1. Get your Steam key from Pontus Wittenmark over at the Warm Kitten Discord – to keep track of keys, I’ll need your name and backer number (see question below on how to get it)
  2. Check out the known issues
  3. Open up your Steam library, click Add a Game -> Activate a Product on Steam -> Enter your key
  4. Report bugs and feedback using the in-game feedback button
  5. After you played a while, take the (short) beta survey

Q: How do I get my Kickstarter backer number?

Kickstarter website:

  1. Login to Kickstarter
  2. Click your profile picture (up to the right)
  3. Click on “Justin Wack”
  4. Under “You backed this project”, click the “View pledge” link
  5. At the bottom of the pop-up, you can see your backer number

Kickstarter app:

Profile -> Justin Wack -> View Pledge (bottom) -> The number directly below the Nickname

Q: What platforms are supported during the beta?

Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Q: Do I need a Steam account to participate in the beta?

A: Yes, this stage of beta testing is done exclusively on Steam.

Q: Is it a closed beta?

A: Yes, but if you want to invite someone else to be a tester – please have them send me (Pontus Wittenmark) a PM on the Warm Kitten Discord.

Q: How long is the beta period?

A: Hmm, that’s yet to be determined. The first phase of the beta period is all about battle-testing the puzzles and dialogues.

Q: Will my beta key automatically turn into the full product on release?

A: That’s a very good question. Unfortunately I’m not sure how Steam handles that situation at the moment. But on release, I’ll see if Steam allows for beta keys to be automatically “converted” into the real thing – otherwise, you will be sent a new key 🙂

Q: I have already beta-tested earlier acts, can I skip ahead to where I left off?

A: Yes, you’ll find instructions in the “Beta Stuff” in the game’s main menu. Keep in mind though – changes has been made to what you have already tested (plus you won’t have everything fresh in your mind), so if you have the time – please try the whole dang game 🙂

Q: Will my saved games be compatible throughout the beta phase?

A: Probably… But if big changes are being made during the beta phase, the compatibility of your saved games might actually break – let’s hope for the best, beta-buddy!